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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

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transfer to GENIUSSSES...

Hiii Guys..
Due to some reasons I had to close this blog...
so Please FOLLOW my New Blog..
keep on viewing regularly..for latest updates on all tech news..

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

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Biggest MLM ever...!!!

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

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iWatch by SamsunG...

Samsung working on 'smart watch' to take on Apple's 'iWatch'

Samsung is working on a smart watch called the 'Galaxy Altius' to take on rival tech giant Apple, new leaked images have suggested.

The images, which were posted on a South Korean messageboard, purport to be screens from a forthcoming Samsung smart watch.

One image features the name Samsung Galaxy Altius, while others show a music player, clock and an email app, the Telegraph reports.

The pictures suggested that the Altius runs a modified version of the Google Android operating system.

The provenance of the images is unclear and, tho
ugh some websites have identified details that suggest they are genuine, it's entirely possible that they are mock-ups for an abandoned project or even fakes made by a fan, the paper said.

The images have emerged a week after it was reported that Apple is about to launch a smart watch.

The product, which has been referred to as the 'iWatch', is apparently being worked on by a team of 100 engineers, suggesting that it is more than an experiment.

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Playstation 4...soon to come !!!

The most happening news for the video gamers is sizzling the world with the release of playstation 4 this year . The news of release of PS4 is wandering over the minds of everyone .

The rumors of release of Sony’s next gaming console , Playstation 4 has heaten up the gaming world . As per reliable sources , Sony’s vice president of home entertainment has hinted that the PS4 release date could be as early as May 2013 .

What would PS4 be called ?

Though everyone is calling it by the name of Playstation 4 or PS4 but they are not its final name and can never be as the final name comes only after the release .

But still two names have come up for it – Orbis and Thebes . Most of the sources think that “Thebes” is the internal codename for the Sony PS4 project , while” Orbis” is potentially the final name for the console . But Orbis could also be just a codename too.So for its final name, you have to wait till its release .

When would it be released ?

Sony’s biggest competitor for Playstation 4 would be Microsoft’s Xbox 720 , which would be heading its release this year only .

There has been rumors that Micorosoft is heading Xbox’s newest game console, Xbox 720 at E3 in june . E3 is the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products . Its the largest video gaming conference which is held every year .

To catch up with its rival, Sony might make PS4’s release at E3 . So , there are two dates expected the  playstation 4 release . It might be at E3 or  in early May. 

So this year E3 is going to be very interesting as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft , will all get us excited about their new hardware, not just games and entertainment.

Final specs of PS4
It will provide good performance with low power consumption.
It has integrated CPU and GPU .
STORAGE : It has Blu-ray drive, which is posed to have very high speed . It also have single layer (25GB) disc.
NETWORKING : it has 1 Gb/s Ethernet , 802.11b/g/n WIFI and Bluetooth . It also has dual camera.
EXTRAS : It has  Audio Processor (ACP)
For output of Audio , it uses Optical as well as HDMI.
Surely , Playstation 4, unlike PS 3 is going to be a great gift of 2013 for the video gamers  .
Stay updated with Geniusses for further  news and reviews about  playstation 4  :)

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Friday, 15 February 2013

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Prey–Track your Laptop, Phone or Tablet in case they are MissinG..

Laptops, Smartphone are some of the most valuable things in someone’s daily life. These things are valuable not just by their price but also the sensitivity in data stored in them. But, in case they are stolen, it can cause serious troubles depending upon the sensitivity/privacy in the data it contains. In such situations, you’re left with no other option except searching on google about how to track your laptop or phone/tablet.

A few days ago, 2 laptops from my hostel were stolen during the day hours directly from their rooms. Now they are left with no option other than trusting police in their investigation.

So, here at Geniusses, I’ll teach you how to track your laptop, Smartphones, Tablets and find them in case they are stolen..

Steps for USE:

1) Download and Install this software from its official website, preyproject.com
  • It comes for various platforms like, Windows, Android, Apple, and Linux/Unix.
2) On start, it will ask you to register a account which will be an online process.
3) Now, in case your device (Laptop/Phone/Tablet) is stolen or misplaced, simply visit their website (listed in step 1) and Login using details that you filled during registration in step 2
4) After Loging in, you can report your device stolen.
5) As soon as you report your device stolen/misplaced, following actions will be done:
  • Your Device’s will be locked down and no one would be able to use it unless they provide a deactivation code.
  • Your Device will start alarming loud, so that in case it is misplaced, you can locate it easily
  • In few minutes, as soon as your device catches internet, you will be able to see its correct geological location and you could even click the images of thieves who stole your device.
 How it Works?
When installed, it waits for a remote signal for activation, which is given by the user by loging in to preyproject.com

This signal tells information regarding the current geological location, hardware/network status of the device. And thus, you are able to track your laptop, phone, or tablet easily.
For any doubt, or further reading, please comment below using the comment box. ;)

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After Android,its "Tizen ©", a new open source OS by Samsung..!!!

According to a report Samsung has confirmed to launch many devices including smartphone running on open source Tizen operating System this year. This project will be carried out by Samsung in collaboration with Japan’s largest mobile phone carrier company, NTT Docomo.

This will surely give a strong competition to current mobile device giants like Google and Apple’s iPhones. Other than Docomo, Vodafone (UK), France Telecom, Panasonic and NEC carrier companies are also interested in this  project.

Samsung, which has already sold more than 10 million Samsung Galaxy devices since 2010, has confirmed this news by saying that Korean mobile device developers are going to bring these Tizen based Operating System in the market by 2013.

According to Japanese newspaper journal, Daily Yomiuri, “Docomo, which is the largest telecom company of Japan, is currently the only mobile carrier which does not serve Apple’s iPhone. Hence, a large amount of people are looking for some sort of mobile alternates. Thus, Samsung is looking forward for a great response from the same situation.”

What exactly is this “Tizen” Operating System?

Tizen is an open source Operating system whose main components includes:Linux kernelEnlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) and Webkit RuntimeIt’s an open source and standards based software which supports multiple devices like, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and more.Moreover, it provides a flexible environment for application developers, based on jQuery and jQuery Mobile. The software development kit (SDK) allows developers to use HTML5 and related web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device segments.

Tizen SDK

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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Intel..Planss 4 ONLINE TV..

Intel Corp's plan, if successful, would go further than products currently offered by Apple, Amazon and Netflix by offering live programming as well as on-demand content.

Intel to launch online TV service

Hundreds of Intel employees and their families are already testing a set-top box that the company will sell as part of the service.
The company is negotiating with content providers as it prepares to move into a market in it lacks experience and relationships.

The move puts it into competition with heavyweights like Apple, Amazon and Google that are seeking to establish a share of the $100bn (£64bn) cable television market.
"We have been working for (the past) year to set up Intel Media, a new group focused on developing an internet platform," Erik Huggers, vice president and general manager of Intel Media.

"It's not a value play, it's a quality play where we'll create a superior experience for the end user."
Intel plans to offer consumers smaller bundles of content than those currently offered by cable operators.

Intel has struggled to get its virtual television service off the ground due to unwillingness on the part of major media content providers to let the company unbundle and license specific networks and shows at a discount to what cable and satellite partners pay, sources told Reuters.
Silicon Valley has been taking aim at the US cable television market - dominated by major distributors such as Comcast and DirecTV Group and programme makers like Walt Disney Co and Time Warner Inc. Technology companies see opportunities due to reasons ranging from shifting viewer habits to mounting programming costs.
"There is an opportunity to offer a bundle that can be curated by the consumer, an opportunity to create smarter bundles," Mr Huggers said.
Intel's set-top-box will also have a camera that could be used to automatically steer content and ads toward specific users.
"There's a scenario where the TV recognises that it's you and says 'Hey, I know what you like. I know what you want to watch', versus the environment we're in today where the TV literally is not interested in you at all," Mr Huggers said.
Some media executives are sceptical that Intel will be able to convince content providers to agree to terms that are attractive enough to make its service viable.

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