Saturday, 16 February 2013


Playstation 4...soon to come !!!

The most happening news for the video gamers is sizzling the world with the release of playstation 4 this year . The news of release of PS4 is wandering over the minds of everyone .

The rumors of release of Sony’s next gaming console , Playstation 4 has heaten up the gaming world . As per reliable sources , Sony’s vice president of home entertainment has hinted that the PS4 release date could be as early as May 2013 .

What would PS4 be called ?

Though everyone is calling it by the name of Playstation 4 or PS4 but they are not its final name and can never be as the final name comes only after the release .

But still two names have come up for it – Orbis and Thebes . Most of the sources think that “Thebes” is the internal codename for the Sony PS4 project , while” Orbis” is potentially the final name for the console . But Orbis could also be just a codename too.So for its final name, you have to wait till its release .

When would it be released ?

Sony’s biggest competitor for Playstation 4 would be Microsoft’s Xbox 720 , which would be heading its release this year only .

There has been rumors that Micorosoft is heading Xbox’s newest game console, Xbox 720 at E3 in june . E3 is the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products . Its the largest video gaming conference which is held every year .

To catch up with its rival, Sony might make PS4’s release at E3 . So , there are two dates expected the  playstation 4 release . It might be at E3 or  in early May. 

So this year E3 is going to be very interesting as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft , will all get us excited about their new hardware, not just games and entertainment.

Final specs of PS4
It will provide good performance with low power consumption.
It has integrated CPU and GPU .
STORAGE : It has Blu-ray drive, which is posed to have very high speed . It also have single layer (25GB) disc.
NETWORKING : it has 1 Gb/s Ethernet , 802.11b/g/n WIFI and Bluetooth . It also has dual camera.
EXTRAS : It has  Audio Processor (ACP)
For output of Audio , it uses Optical as well as HDMI.
Surely , Playstation 4, unlike PS 3 is going to be a great gift of 2013 for the video gamers  .
Stay updated with Geniusses for further  news and reviews about  playstation 4  :)



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