Friday, 15 February 2013

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Prey–Track your Laptop, Phone or Tablet in case they are MissinG..

Laptops, Smartphone are some of the most valuable things in someone’s daily life. These things are valuable not just by their price but also the sensitivity in data stored in them. But, in case they are stolen, it can cause serious troubles depending upon the sensitivity/privacy in the data it contains. In such situations, you’re left with no other option except searching on google about how to track your laptop or phone/tablet.

A few days ago, 2 laptops from my hostel were stolen during the day hours directly from their rooms. Now they are left with no option other than trusting police in their investigation.

So, here at Geniusses, I’ll teach you how to track your laptop, Smartphones, Tablets and find them in case they are stolen..

Steps for USE:

1) Download and Install this software from its official website,
  • It comes for various platforms like, Windows, Android, Apple, and Linux/Unix.
2) On start, it will ask you to register a account which will be an online process.
3) Now, in case your device (Laptop/Phone/Tablet) is stolen or misplaced, simply visit their website (listed in step 1) and Login using details that you filled during registration in step 2
4) After Loging in, you can report your device stolen.
5) As soon as you report your device stolen/misplaced, following actions will be done:
  • Your Device’s will be locked down and no one would be able to use it unless they provide a deactivation code.
  • Your Device will start alarming loud, so that in case it is misplaced, you can locate it easily
  • In few minutes, as soon as your device catches internet, you will be able to see its correct geological location and you could even click the images of thieves who stole your device.
 How it Works?
When installed, it waits for a remote signal for activation, which is given by the user by loging in to

This signal tells information regarding the current geological location, hardware/network status of the device. And thus, you are able to track your laptop, phone, or tablet easily.
For any doubt, or further reading, please comment below using the comment box. ;)


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