Monday, 22 October 2012

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creating Fake Calls.

How to Create fake call without software

This trick are work only some multimedia set's is Nokia, Samsung etc. This trick for making(Fake call) by  own number on your phone. This trick is very use full for just kidding with friends.This trick can be use as you are talk to other person and reduce balance from another mobile. So Let's following..........


Mobile1= 1st person denote by: 1st
Mobile2= 2nd person denote by: 2nd
Mobile3= 3rd person denote by: 3rd

1:-Firstly call the customer care number to your service provider 
     by (1st) mobile.

2:-When during call time Create a new call to any your friends(2nd).

3:-Two call are available now on your phone(1st) after then 
     during both call, Click “options” button and choose “transfer” 
     option. after complete this the first call(customer care) to 
     transfer to your friends and then free to use your mobile(1st).

4:-And after, This trick can work When Your friend not receive Or 
    disconnect by your friend and after then result call on your mobile 
    by your number.

:In case not transfer your call and change the customer care number 
              then revised steps(2) to (4)  

Trick for 3rd mobile:-Dial your friend mobile number(2nd) if you are
                                   Replacing customer care number.

This trick work some network services, I have also check this trick personally.



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