1. It was tough to decide whether to use the default antimalware in Windows 8 or to install 3rd party antivirus. I do trust the abilities of Windows Firewall from Vista itself so there is no problem there. But then, is the default antivirus good enough? I have not yet installed any anti-virus on Windows 8 as I am still looking for a detailed literature that explains how it works. If you know of any resource, please let me know.

2. Media Player: What is this thing? What happened to the default codecs? Where are all the options present in the good old WMP? Are they hidden or completely done away with? No DVD support is understandable. I can use VLC player in case I need to play a DVD but then, what if I wish to rip a DVD into WMV format? One option is to install a video converter and convert from DVD. On Win7, I use AnyVideo Convertor. For some reason, it won't install on Windows 8. Did anyone else face similar problem?

3. Privacy: If you were not alert during installing Windows 8, you end up granting location access to many of the Windows 8 apps. So even if IE is really not allowing websites to track you down, other apps are giving away your location information freely. It took a good deal of exercise to figure out how to turn off location access to Windows 8 apps. Go to Change PC Settings and from there, move the slider to turn off location access completely.

There is a lot more coming up. Will keep you posted about the good in Advantages thread and the bad in the disadvantages thread.