Monday, 29 October 2012

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Win 8 launched in India

With Windows 8, launched on Friday, Microsoft wants to ensure that its new operating system runs on all form factors - desktops, notebooks and even tablets. The software giant foresees people using a common OS, seamlessly interoperating between different devices without any glitches. It also envisions hybrid gizmos that can function as a fullfledged tablet or laptop depending on the user's requirements. Of course, to create an OS that would work just as well with touchscreens as it would with the keyboard and mouse, MS has had to make some big changes to Windows.

Logging in

Windows 8 is heavily integrated with Microsoft's web services. Users are provided with the ability to log on to their PCs with a Windows Live ID (instead of a more traditional local user account) for seamless functioning between various devices. For example, if you're following certain news feeds in the Reader app on your tablet, the same content will also be available to you on your PC. Besides you are automatically logged-on to those Metro-style apps and services that use your Live ID for authentication.



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