Monday, 29 October 2012

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Facebook and Zynga threatened with shutdown by Anonymous hacktivists in retaliation for gaming giant's layoff 

  • Hackers have threatened to shut down sites on November 5, which marks Guy Fawkes Day
  • The threat by Anonymous comes after Zynga slashed its workforce of 3,000 employees by 5 per cent
  • The gaming giant, known for FarmVille and Words With Friends, allegedly plans to outsource jobs to India
  • The 'hacktivists' have targeted Zynga for its 'outrageous treatment of their employees' 
  • The online activist group, known as Anonymous, has threatened to shut down Zynga and Facebook, days after the gaming giant announced it was laying off 5 per cent of its workforce.The group is targeting the San Francisco based company because of 'the outrageous treatment of their employees and their actions against many developers,' an unidentified member of the group, donning their trademark Guy Fawkes mask, announced in a YouTube video posted on Sunday.
    Slamming the tech firm for slashing its employee base while sitting on 'billion dollars cash,' the hackers threatened to release games it has stolen from Zynga's server, in addition to shutting down both Zynga and Facebook on November 5

    The looming threat to take down the social networking sites comes after Zynga unveiled a restructuring plan in the wake of its disappointing third quarter earnings report on October 24.
    Zynga CEO Mark Pincus announced last week it would lay off five per cent of its workforce, of approximately 3,000, shutting down its office in Boston and slashing the staff at the company's Austin branch.
    The company is also said to be looking at closing operations in the UK and Japan.



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